Thursday, 13 August 2009


The rough trade counter culture compilation of 2008 is a cassette with a USB stick inside it. I was actually disappointed to see that it wasn't a tape. I used to worship my tape collection, the mixtapes especially, recorded for me by friends and girlfriends. I still have a few at my parent's house and I'm going to try and dig out those musical relics and love them again. Send me some pictures of your old mixtapes or some old tracklistings and we can reminisce together.


  1. Ah, the mix tape... I'd get those sent to me from my friend who was at boarding school, and we'd exchange back and forth. I destinctly recall first hearing Our Lady Peace on a mix tape, also non-radio played songs by Third Eye Blind, Biff Naked maybe. I threw them away, friendship died. I however made great tapes that featured agnsty girl music like, Ani Difranco and Suzanne Vega, maybe some Dave Matthews for the boyish charm of it. We were very mid 90s.

  2. I found a couple of mixtapes last month and, frankly, they aren't really relics. They had Hansons, MJ, and Venga Boys. Also, when i heard them they did that weird out-of-pitch-for-a-second thing they do all the time.

    My vinyls are good relics, with great music and sound quality.

  3. Mixtapes! I forgot about those! One of my best friends is German (and I am French), and before the age of internet we used to record mixtapes for eachother. We had created this imaginary radio show so when it was my turn to send a mixtape I would speak between the songs with my microphone just like a real DJ, talking rubbish or just telling her things that had happened to me. I would record any song that reminded me of her and a collection of French songs to share my culture (and she would send me German songs). I haven't listened to them for years...

  4. I remember I used to did loads of mixtapes when I was really (really) young in the 90's.

    They were diverse to say the least... They had from the Spice Girls,Lenny Kravitz, Billie Piper, Fugees and Jamiroquai to some oldies I digged even then. I recorded those from my parent's records or some serious music radio stations. The fun times when you had to rewind them with a pen! Or the hours I'd spent making them covers and booklets. Always been a sucker for artwork! I also recorded some seriously shitty songs written by me and I still quite do when I do home recordings at my bedroom.

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  6. mixtape of this morning

    demain toujours demain - les fabulous trobadors

    cycling trivialities - josé gonzalés

    simple twist of fate - dylan

    rise up - zbonics

    harvest moon - cassandra w.

    overjoyed - ESPERANZA SPALDING

    osculate me daddy - etta jones!

  7. This is not a pointless nostalgic moment! Of course I made my own mix tapes! Sadly, they don't exist anymore: They died at my younger brothers hands.
    Saludos desde la Argentina!
    Federico Gauffin.-

  8. jamie, shy boy, today is 20 August...and, guess what!...
    is your birthday too! jajaja
    i wish you have a good, beautiful and espectacular day!
    be happy today and always...
    lola, one argentinian fan.

  9. sir, you better be mixing up some new tapes
    because that clip of your single sounds fantastic!!

    cheers xo

  10. Sadly all my mixtapes were binned years ago, but they all had individual names; "The Gold Album", "Now That's What Zara Calls Music" and so on. I had hundreds. Many were compiled of both tape and vinyl recordings, very eclectic (Vic & Bob doing I'm A Believer followed by Arnold Layne nicked from my mum's Pink Floyd vinyl without her knowing...)

    Thanks for reminding me of a happy pastime in my lonely youth. Sorry to use this space to peddle my wares, but if you have a favourite Beatles album I would love to include you in my book. Please see for all the details and a list of muso participants to date. I'm just freelance, not a journo or professional writer, so forgive me for this intrusion...I'm unlikely to get another opportunity to ask you! Thanks. If you're interested (there's no deadline) please ask your 'people' to email me via the link provided. Bless you. x

  11. I remember waiting by the radio for your song to come on and quickly pressing record, then staying very very silent while the song plays, and at the end trying to stop the recording before the ads or whatever came on. But thats the way mixtapes are supposed to be. The songs aren't fully complete, the quality leaves something to be deserved and full of static-y pauses.

  12. i miss the mixtapes... and i wish i had a vinyl player... a big one.. big vinyls.. biiig.

  13. Mixtapes... I remember those. :-) I have tried to reproduce a few in iTune lists, but not really sure you'd be interested in mine... I think we're the same age, so my mixes have everything just about -- Guns N Roses, U2, PM Dawn, Snap, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blondie (?!), Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, Paula Abdul, Belinda REM, Janet Jackson, and NKOTB (wow). Not a pretty site! The funniest (saddest?) thing is that I still know every damned word to every tune on those things and could probably karaoke the whole list

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  15. The mixtapes I discovered last month aren't exactly antiquities, to be honest. MJ, the Venga Boys, and Hansons were present. Additionally, they did Copywriting Service their usual bizarre momentary out-of-pitch thing when I first heard them

  16. The 2008 rough trade counter culture compilation includes a USB stick inside of a cassette. Monkey Dubai I was actually sad to see that it wasn't a tape, particularly the mixtapes that my friends and girlfriends had made for me.