Sunday, 9 August 2009

An odd state of affairs

I've got that year zero feeling again. A new album is in the can and I'm at that blissful stage where no one has actually heard the thing yet and no judgements have been made. If any of you have read Paul Auster's "The book of illusions" you'll remember the character who makes movies that no one ever sees. He seals them in a vault only to be seen once by one journalist after his death and thereafter destroyed.

Right now "The Pursuit" is in my car, it's on my iPod, it's on my home stereo and it's my favourite album. After it comes out I will probably never listen to it again unless by accident in a restaurant. It's an odd phenomenon, but I wouldn't change it for the world.


  1. When is it out? :)

  2. Cmon Jamie, share it with the world... I need it now, it's been waay to long.

  3. blogspot rules \o/

    oh yeah... we need to hear this new album!

  4. So excited, you have no idea.

  5. I vote for blogspot as well!

    Can't wait for the new album :P

  6. What a shuweet way of putting it, can totally imagine it, and I especially love the second paragraph. I guess you'd hear yourself singing it during tours! At the same time, come to Singapore asap, purleaseeee! :D Hahahaha. Much much love!

    P.S. The sample of I'm All Over It on your site sounds awesomeshizzomeeee!

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