Thursday, 25 February 2010



  1. so freakin amazing... were you flying?

  2. In the clouds... will be your dreams, my friend... have a nice day... smile and drink coffe...

  3. awesome!!...
    Hi Jamie, today I founded your blog!
    I hope you make on your tour of "pursuit", your personal experiences, and as you see around you when you visit new places.
    Being in a concert yours I find it very difficult because I live in Ecuador, and the failure is that in my country you're not known for what would become very difficult to have a concert yours here (although I was very excited to have found your latest album in stores here, obviously I bought one)

    But as I see all these videos on youtube of your concerts, so read your blog post would be great! especially if you write what you feel.

    I see you have uploaded a post several months, so just hope you read this from a fan far far far far faraway XD

    I love how you play the piano and that's something I'm beginning to learn, I'm learning to play "photograph" say I'm starting well: D

    Greetings from Ecuador!
    And you keep writing good music, I see that's a family because your brother is not far behind.

    @ erikaperugachi

  4. I don't know where else to post this, but if you ever do read this, You should do a cover of NEVER NEVER LAND from Peter Pan. I watched it last night and for some reason just really wanted to hear what you would do with it.

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